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[106] Raël expressed an interest in cloning Adolf Hitler for war trials and retroactive punishment. In February 2000, I was staying in a French Raelian's apartment in Marseille France for a month whose identity "was" (the sentence was removed some point) revealed in Claude Vorilhon Rael's book saying that in early years French Raelians didn't have a meeting because this Raelian Police Officer informed that the meeting would be raided by the police. [150], The main ritual in Raëlism is the "transmission of the cellular plan", in which a Raëlian Guide placed their hands on another individual's head, through which the Guide is believed to receive the individual's cellular code and then telepathically transmit it to the Elohim. Couples who have converted from different religions from each other are common, especially with spouses who were Christians or Buddhists. Criticism of the movement has come from journalists, ex-Raëlians, and the anti-cult movement, while it has also undergone study by scholars of religion. Following these seminars, a second seminar, this time restricted to members of the Structure, takes place. [246] Individuals can bank a sample of their DNA with the group, which offers to then produce a single clone of the individual after they die. [166] The goal of sensual meditation is to achieve a "cosmic orgasm",[167] which is characterised as the ultimate experience a person can have. [246] [58] All are regarded as fairly feminine in their manner;[60] Raël states that "the most feminine woman on Earth is only 10% as feminine as the Elohim. Raëlists typically wear a medallion of the symbol around their neck. [108][109] Due to its emphasis on attaining immortality, Raëlism deplores suicide; after the Heaven's Gate group engaged in a mass suicide in 1997, the Raëlian Church was among the new religions that issued press releases condemning suicide. [110], As opposed to the scientific definition of reproductive cloning which is simply the creation of a genetically identical living thing, Raëlians seek to both genetically clone individuals, rapidly accelerate growth of the clone to adulthood through a process like guided self-assembly of rapidly expanded cells or even nanotechnology. Poursuivre Facebook pour action criminelle ? [164] The guided meditation they encourages the meditators to imagine themselves being on the Elohim's planet and telepathically communicating with these aliens. 92, Several Raëlian groups in the United States have organized annual protests, claiming that women should have the same legal right to go topless in public that men enjoy without fear of arrest for indecent exposure. [171] In 1973, he founded the racing car magazine Auto Pop and also worked as a test driver for such vehicles. [126] They have proved useful for the group's public relations and have also provided volunteers for its human cloning experiments. [179] Opposition to Raël remained evident in MADECH and in 1976 he disbanded the group, launching the Raëlian Movement as a replacement in February 1976. [185] In the early 1980s the Movement also bought a campground near Albi in southern France, which they named Eden. Join Facebook to connect with Elpadré Angel Le Raelien and others you may know. [156] Each year after this date is referred to as "AH" or "après Hiroshima" ("after Hiroshima"). Raëlism teaches that an extraterrestrial species known as the Elohim created humanity using their advanced technology. [223] Raël divides the Angels into three groups: the White, Pink, and Golden Ribbon Angels. Téléchargements mobiles 123413151_4931194106898673_8731236145315308391_n. [122] Palmer described the Raëlians as feminists,[123] although Raël criticised mainstream feminism, arguing that it "copied the shortcomings of men". En France, la majorité sexuelle est à 15 ans, en Suisse à 16 ans, aux USA à 18 ans et dans certains pays musulmans à 21 ans, voire 25 ans !!! [147] From 1991 to 2007, the official Raëlian symbol in Europe and America did not have the original swastika, but Raël decided to make the original symbol, the Star of David intertwined with a swastika, the only official symbol of the Raelian Movement worldwide. Guest post by Rónán Ó Fathaigh, PhD candidate at Ghent University. [104] A single world currency will be introduced, as a prelude to the total abolition of money, while a unified world calendar will also be adopted. The Raëlian books compared to Jean Sendy's. [107] After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States, in which the attackers committed suicide, the Raëlists proposed that they could be resurrected through cloning to stand trial for their actions. The recent Article 10 judgment in Mouvement Raëlien Suisse v.Switzerland merits some close attention given the important questions of principle which are arguably involved. [59] He added that they are all permitted to engage in free love with one another, and that sexual jealousy between them has been eliminated. [154] Full members of the Movement are encouraged to tithe ten percent of their income to go to the organisation,[219] although this is not enforced. [5][207] In 2009, the Church announced plans for a new UFOLand in Las Vegas. Raël France © 2021. [151] Doing so denotes the initiate's formal recognition of the Elohim as the creators of humanity. [230], Pro-GMO: On 6 August 2003, the first day of Raëlian year 58 AH,[251] a tech article on the USA Today newspaper mentions an "unlikely ally" of the Monsanto Company, the Raëlian Movement of Brazil. [195] That year he married for a second time, to a 16-year-old ballet student. Mouvement ufologique créé dans les années 1970 en France par Claude Vorilhon, dit Raël. "[284] Between 2002 and 2003, Palmer was blacklisted by the group, banned from attending any more of its meetings. [59] Those characterised as "Guides" are expected to be exemplars for the rest of the movement, for instance by strictly adhering to the avoidance of alcohol, caffeine, and recreational drugs. ), "U.S. Federal Court Rules Filmmakers Lied About Raelians", "08-687 – International Raelian Movement v. Hashem", Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions, "Queer Jesus, straight angels: Complicating 'sexuality' and 'religion' in the International Raëlian Movement", "Women in the Raëlian Movement: New Religious Experiments in Gender and Authority", "The Raëlian Movement: Concocting Controversy, Seeking Social Legitimacy", "Raël's Angels: The First Five Years of a Secret Order", Raelian Truth Network : Independent Information and Analysis of the Raelian Movement. The movement gave vocal support in response to the company's support for genetically modified organisms particularly in their country. "[60] Raël also proposed that if women were in positions of political power across the world, there would be no war. [140] Raël stated that this was the symbol he originally saw on the hull of the Elohim's spaceship. [158] In this, practitioners are often assisted in this meditation through listening to an instruction tape. ", New religious movements and right wing politics, INFORM (Information Network Focus on Religious Movements), Academic study of new religious movements, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Raëlism&oldid=1004070278, Religious organizations established in 1974, Articles with dead external links from August 2019, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using multiple image with auto scaled images, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 31 January 2021, at 23:18. [102], Since 1979, new members of the Raëlian Movement have been expected to sign an "Act of Apostasy,"[274] and send a letter of apostasy to any religious organisation that they were previously involved with. Raëlians are encouraged to take part in this guided meditation or visualisation on a daily basis, with the intent of transmitting love and telepathic links to the Elohim and achieving harmony with infinity. These demoted individuals are then tasked with training up younger replacements. [161][236] Activities such as observations of one's own genitals and masturbation with them disturbed Brigitte McCann, a Calgary Sun reporter who entered one of the Raëlian seminars. [185], According to Michel Beluet, the former director of a Raëlian-built museum called UFOland, the only pressure exerted on members is to attend annual Raëlian seminars, which allows members convinced of Raël's enthusiasm to voluntarily tithe.[96]:p. [295], In 2005, two amateur documentary makers, Abdullah Hashem and Joseph McGowen, were welcomed into a Raëlian seminar and had permission to videotape it. [10] The Raëlists have also been characterised as having a "belief in ufology",[11] although Raëlians themselves often stress that they do not regard themselves as Ufologists. [130] However, Palmer noted that by the mid-1990s there were few women in leadership positions within the organisation. [183] The following year a Quebecois branch of the Movement was established. [115], John M. Bozeman characterised the religion's approach to morality as "progressive,"[116] while Palmer referred to the group's "liberal social values",[117] and Chryssides described Raëlist values as being "worldly and hedonistic". [132] Raëlians often encounter much resistance to their attempts to convert others; Raël explains that this is to be expected, for the Elohim told him that only 4% of humanity is intelligent enough to be receptive to the Raëlian message. [154], The Raëlian calendar begins with the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. [53] The scholar of religion James R. Lewis noted that Raël's account of encountering the Elohim was similar to those of the "classic UFO contactees" of the 1950s and 1960s. [92] Meet Raelians Florence Laudoyer. 64 Dawson College students conducted a survey of the membership in Canada in 1991 which found that only one-third of respondents tithed.[96]:p. "[17] The movement places emphasis on the use of science to solve the world's problems,[18] and practitioners regard Raël as a pioneer of science who will one day be regarded alongside Galileo and Copernicus. "[149] These include daily lectures by Raël, sensual meditation sessions, periods of fasting and feasting, testimonials, and various alternative therapies. [275] They also sign a contract permitting a mortician to cut a piece of bone from their forehead after death, which they understand as the "Third Eye." [169] As a teenager, Vorilhon hitch-hiked to Paris where he pursued a career as a singer, having several hit singles under the name "Claude Celleir. [218] When they seek to punish an individual it is usually for a seven-year "excommunication"; it lasts seven years because Raëlians believe that it takes this long for every cell in the human body to be replaced. Raëlians of South Korea were instructed by Raël to protest near the Ministry of Health and Welfare that ordered him to leave. [131] Palmer also observed several transvestites at the meetings,[272] and found that a significant number of the women present worked as strippers. Weiss, Rick, [Human Cloning's 'Numbers Game'], Intelligent Design: Message from the Designers, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, International Headquarters: Raelian Movement, "Les sectes et l'argent – Annexes (Cults and money – Appendices)", Human Rights Without Frontiers International: Human Rights in Belgium, The sportswriter, the aliens, and a cult with 55,000 believers. [87] Raël teaches that the Elohim's arrival with herald a new and improved political system on the Earth. [59] In more severe cases, the council can oversee a "demarking", by which they cancel the transmission of the cellular code, believing that this revokes the individual's hope for immortality through cloning. They recommended that parents should not send their children to Catholic confession. [89] He stated that it needed to be located on internationally recognised neutral territory so as not to indicate favour towards any one particular nation-state. [42], The Raëlian use of the swastika—a symbol that had been prominently used by Germany's Nazi Party during the 1930s and 1940s—led to accusations from the Montreal anti-cult organization Info-Cult that the Raëlians promoted fascism and racism. [36] Similar ideas had also been put forward in science-fiction, such as the U.S. television series Star Trek. The Movement has attracted further attention through its public protests in support of causes such as women's and gay rights and against nuclear testing. The Quebec Association of Bishops called this "incitement to hatred", and several school boards attempted to prevent their students from meeting Raëlians.[96]:p. [157] The Raëlians celebrate four religious festivals each year, each marking one of Raël's encounters or revelations from the Elohim. 15 Mark Hunt, a lawyer and politician who wished to clone his dead son with the help of the Clonaid services, was overwhelmed by the volume of media attention and in an interview said that Clonaid's chief executive had become a "press hog".[266]:p. "[85] It states that the human species must now choose whether to use science and technology to enhance life or to use it to bring about nuclear annihilation. [187] The following year, his first wife left both him and the movement;[133] he subsequently embarked on a relationship with a Japanese Raëlian, Lisa Sunagawa, for several years. Chanson Composée par les Raëlien d'Afrique (dont le nom originel est Kama) pour célébrer leur fièrté et leur Amour d'être Raëliens :) Raëlism has received a critical reception from both ex-Raëlians and members of the anti-cult movement. [91], Receiving little support for this venture from the Israeli government, Raël instead suggested that a neighbouring country might be suitable, proposing Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt as possible locations. This specimen will be stored in ice at a Swiss facility until the Elohim return, at which point it could be used to facilitate the cloning of the deceased individual. [180] It operated along a strict hierarchy, with Raël as its leader, referred to as the "Guide of Guides. Life has been scientifically created by extraterrestrials from another planet that we mistook for gods. Whether you have an interest in atheism, modern science, UFOs, religious scriptures, guided meditation, intelligent design or even sci-fi, the reality is that once you get acquainted with these messages, your perspective on life may never be the same! [160], Former clergy of mainstream religions have joined the Raëlian Church, especially in Quebec. [100] Members are nevertheless advised against using recreational drugs or stimulants so as not to harm their health,[114] although some practitioners have acknowledged that they use alcohol and cigarettes. [214], Members of the Raëlian structure begin as level 0 "trainees" during annual seminars. [99] The newly added swirling shape was explained as a depiction of a swirling galaxy. Festival du Penis au Japon au mois d’avril, Suède : interdiction des masques à l’école, Ils se disaient, c’est provisoire, ce n’est pas si grave…, Encourager les artistes …S’entourer de choses artistiques…, Allemagne : des capsules futuristes installées dans la rue, 7e Méditation planétaire pour la paix en ligne, Journée du Bonheur et du bien-être le 20 Mars. In February 1997, they created Clonaid, a company devoted to human cloning. [27][29] Glenn McGee, professor at the University of New Haven, stated that part of the sect is a cult while the other part is a commercial website that collects large sums of money from those interested in human cloning. [13], An internal survey of the group's members in 1988 found that there were almost double as many men as women in the Movement. [43], In 1980, the Raëlians launched their mission to Japan, followed by one to Africa in 1982, and one to Australia in 1990. Le Mouvement Raëlien qui prône le respect des lois, encourage ses membres à militer pour une harmonisation des lois internationales sur l\'âge de la majorité sexuelle et son abaissement général aux chiffres français, c\'est à dire 15 ans. Disons en passant que les membres portent tous une barbe et une chÈvelure bien fournies dans le but de capter les messages extr… Testimonies by ex-Raelians. [222] Trans women were permitted entry; Raël praised one transgender member for "choosing to be a woman. McGowen responded to, and was dismissed from, the lawsuit in 2009. It is held near 26 August, the anniversary of the day women were given the USA right to vote. [277] Raëlian Mark Woodgate stated that 8% of Raëlians worldwide are former Latter-day Saints. [289] Critics have argued that in promoting a governance system whereby people are graded by their intelligence, coupled with its emphasis on genetic engineering, Raëlism bears similarities with Nazism. [40] Raël claimed that he was destined to help lead humanity away from its path of destruction. "[181] Unlike MADECH, it promoted a broader religious structure, including ritual practices. [87] Another prominent apostate, the Quebecois Erick Lamarche—who calls himself Exraël—broke away while claiming that far too much money was being donated to Raël and the senior members so that they could have luxurious lifestyles. [261] In 1993, the Raëlians organised a conference on masturbation in Quebec, at which speeches were given by Raël, Betty Dodson, and Daniel Chaloot. "[176] A newsletter, Apocalypse, began publication in October 1974. Its purpose was to raise money for the Elohim Embassy, but in 2001 it closed to the public, having proved financially unviable to maintain. [296][297] In "International Raelian Movement v. Hashem," which began in 2008, the IRM filed multiple motions claiming that the purported filmmakers had misrepresented themselves in the making of the film, and had filmed the "documentary" intending to gain access to copyrighted materials and commit defamation and fraud. [186] It was on this property in 1997 that the organisation opened UFOLand, a museum about ufology. Rael's Girls solely consists of women who work in the sex industry. Identifying visual entities in a collection of INA videos or in your images. [283] She initially thought that she "had never encountered an NRM that was so cooperative, that actually liked being studied. On 29 March 2001 the police administration denied authorisation, referring to two previous refusals. The followers of the International Raëlian Movement believe in an advanced species of extraterrestrial aliens called Elohim who created life on Earth. It argues that humanity must find a way of harnessing new scientific and technological development for peaceful ends, and that once this has been achieved the Elohim shall return to Earth to share their technology with humanity and usher in a utopia. [60] In Raël's account, the inhabitants of the Elohim planet "have 10 percent of masculinity and 90 percent of femininity. He began promoting these ideas in interviews on French television and radio. [191] It was also in 1997, a month after Ian Wilmut announced the birth of Dolly the Sheep, a successful clone, that Raël established Valiant Venture as a company to explore the commercial applications of cloning technology. [186] Attendees at these seminars wear white togas with name tags;[59] they have also used colored bracelets to indicate whether they wanted to be alone, be in a couple, or simply meet people. [75] He initially claimed that he was chosen for this role because he had a Roman Catholic mother and a Jewish father and was thus "an ideal link between two very important peoples in the history of the world. "[170] He then married a nurse and had two children with her. [59] A strictly hierarchical organisation,[181] there are two levels of membership. [27] Raël and Boisselier both spoke before US President Bill Clinton's Congress hearing on the topic of human cloning in March 2001. Raël headed the new organisation, which was structured around a hierarchy of seven levels. [277][278][279] The structure of the movement had promoted some of them to the level of Priest or Bishop due to "extensive Bible training and teaching skills". [142] Practitioners also believe that this symbol helps facilitate their own telepathic contact with the Elohim. Bliv medlem af Facebook, og få kontakt med Jean-Thierry Raélien og andre, du måske kender. [232] Access to the Angels is strictly limited for both journalists and scholars. [60] The Raëlians have taken part in public protests for women's rights, for instance to raise awareness about discrimination towards women. The students were invited to burn the crosses in a park not far from Montreal's Mount Royal and to sign letters of apostasy from the Roman Catholic Church. [72], Various figures who established or inspired religious movements throughout human history, including Jesus, the Buddha, Muhammad, and Joseph Smith, are portrayed by the Raëlians as having been guided by the Elohim. [130], In 2001, Raël toured Asia, giving seminars. [228] The Angels are instructed to regularly pray to the Elohim and engage in much meditation. [161], In 1989, the sociologist Eileen Barker noted that there were "only a dozen or so" committed members of the movement in Britain. [86] It claims that if humans successfully get through this present age, they will live in an era of advanced technology in which society will be tolerant and sexually liberated. [25], In July 2001, Raëlians distributed leaflets on the streets of Italy and Switzerland protesting the existence of over a hundred child molesters among Roman Catholic clergy in France. [152] These "transmissions" are permitted to take place on one of four days in the year that play prominent role in the Raëlian calendar.

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